Home Devices Internet Connection

Your Home Devices May Be Slowing Down Your Internet Connection

We live in a technologically connected world. It begins with a smartphone; nearly everyone has one. It has moved into the home with home devices like Google and Alexa. With just a simple voice command, we can start and stop a music playlist, get the weather forecast, or get a Chicken Parmesan recipe. They have evolved into security devices that protect you while you are home and away. All of these devices fall under an internet term called IoT, or Internet of Things. And when you have multiple devices in your home, all working at the same time, they may be slowing down your internet connection.

What is IoT, and why does it matter to me?

To put it plainly Internet of Things is anything and everything that connects to the internet. However, it does go beyond this term because, with the evolution of internet-connected devices, IoT must evolve as well. These devices are on a much higher level where they now communicate with each other. These “smart devices” collect information, analyze it, and determine the next course of action based on the parameters set out in their programming. Home Devices Internet Connection